Privacy Policy

At OCareNeo, we feel responsible for securing and using every information provided by our users and customers appropriately. OCareNeo is committed to ensure privacy and maintain confidentiality for our users at all times. We put in our best to ensure that your information privacy is maintained and is used only for a specific purpose intended while collecting data.

The privacy policy is also applicable to any user or visitor who is not a customer but has provided information to OCareNeo through a website, app or otherwise irrespective of their intentions to purchase our products or services. When disclosing any information, users have an agreement on the terms and conditions defined in this privacy policy.

Collecting Information

The information collected by OCareNeo is voluntarily provided by the users and the same is never shared with a third party unless taken consent from the user. As we are associated with Decentro (with Yes Bank as payment and collection partner) for delivering banking services via virtual account, we could be disclosing some of your information to them but only after taking prior permission from you.

Using Access Log

OCareNeo website logs your IP addresses, type of browser, and pages visited so as to provide improved and personalized services to our users. The access logs help us understand page views, analyse the visit trends, understand website usage, and support administrative requirements.

User Information

OCareNeo uses user information provided voluntarily for the purpose of customer verification, assessing the credit rating, providing healthcare and financial services or products, enforce certain obligations of open banking, provide customization, facilitate high quality in services, and market our services that include banking and healthcare through website and mobile application.

OCareNeo reserves the right to analyse the information about the user behaviour on the website so as to understand their relative preferences in products, services, and pages of the website. While doing this analysis, no personally identifiable information is used but kept anonymous. The data is collected by OCareNeo only for internal usage so that we can improve the quality of the services we provide and the content on this website.

Third Party Disclosure

OCareNeo would not share any information with the third party unless taken consent from the users or customers explicitly. However, if a court has directed us to do so as a subpoena or enforcement of disclosure for the security of our or our affiliate’s rights, interests, and facilities, we will have to disclose the personal user information to the respective authority. Your personal information may be used by us for the following purposes –

  • Facilitate routine operations needed to provide you services.
  • Assist financial institutions to perform credit checks and provide credit facilities to you.
  • Ensure creditworthiness of customers.
  • Design financial products or services for your use.
  • Market our products and services.
  • Determine the debts owed by or to the customers.
  • Meet the legal requirements of disclosure.
  • Enable OCareNeo employees or employees of our partners in services to evaluate financial transactions, meet regulatory or legal requirements, and fulfil policy requirements.
  • OCareNeo may disclose the results analysis of the user data that does not contain personal identification information without any consent of the user or limitation.
  • Some customer information may be disclosed to third parties for the purposes like promotion, advertising, support, or clearing. Some information collected over the mobile app is shared with the third party upon taking permissions that include device information, location, and information disclosed for the purpose of credit assessment, supporting transactions, promotion through SMS, and customizing banking and health services using high standards of quality. However, the disclosure of any information in this way would have some obligations for third parties for maintaining security, confidentiality, and use it only for the intense purpose after the consent is received from the user or customer.
  • The information disclosures to third parties are specifically carried out for the purposes mentioned below:

  • An agency or third party that is providing banking, technology, telecommunication, computer, administrative, security or payment services in connection with consumption of OcareNeo product and services are included.
  • Any person working with OcareNeo and have a duty to service would have access to this information and would be responsible for maintaining confidentiality.
  • Credit information is shared with credit reference and debt collection agencies.
  • Any person or entity to whom OCareNeo is binding for disclose as per the legal binding will be receiving your information.
  • Any participants, sub-participants, transferees, and assignees connected with you will have access to some information about you on the mobile app.
Data Retention & Storage

We will store the data provided by you in our system to keep your OCareNeo account active for as long you want or when they are needed for us to provide you better services. The information we retained would be used for the purpose of legal compliances, business continuity, and dispute resolution. We have the obligation to maintain some information for these purposes. However, if you deactivate or unsubscribe to our services, we have no such obligation to keep your information stored. We will still keep your information with us for the period of 12 months as our standard practice.

Links on the website

The links provided on the site are not under the control of OCareNeo and thus, we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by them and recommend you to read their privacy policies before you disclose any information to them.

Updating Privacy Policy

When deemed fit, we can change or modify the terms of our privacy policy and thus, users are advised to keep monitoring these changes as the privacy policy is a binding on their behaviour whenever they are using our products or services. Any major changes in the policy would be informed to the users and the consent would be taken again for agreement.

Using SMS for activation of mobile app

OCareNeo makes use of OTP for activating mobile application and services to be used online which is shared with the user on mobile through SMS and to the email provided. This process is used for maintaining security and for the administrative needs. Any data which is personal, financial, payment related or has identification numbers assigned by the government of the country of the respective user, is not disclosed to any third party beyond what is mentioned in the privacy policy.


OCareNeo takes measures to keep you secure and maintain confidentiality of your information over World Wide Web. You must follow the terms and conditions when using our mobile application and website, and follow the instructions provided to ensure that your login and password are secured.

OCareNeo is supported by Decentro and thus, we provide Decentro, access to specific customer information for which we are authorized. Our employees strictly follow the disciplinary processes defined by open banking law and abide by the statements of our privacy policy so as to keep the information of all our customers confidential and secure.


On this website, we use cookies to we give you the best experience, personalize content and analyse traffic. Cookies do no harm to you but only make your navigation easier. Cookies are small files we create to help you experience best performance on our website and are deleted as soon as your session with us is complete.


You hereby agree to our terms and conditions defined in this privacy policy. Any documents submitted to OCareNeo for the purpose of verification or availing services of open banking will remain with us with no obligation on us to return them to you. Any unauthorized access to the mobile app or this website is considered as the breach of privacy and the violation of the law. You should not access this website in any other way than through the interface provided by OcareNeo.

You acknowledge and agree that this privacy policy is

  • Clearly understood and is applicable to you
  • Providing all statements needed for understanding practices used by OCareNeo to respect your information
  • Providing details of the personal data that is collected from you
  • Providing you the purpose of collecting and using the information
  • Providing you measures used for disclosure of information