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January 2020 marked the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak in India. The virus, however microscopic in nature, was successful in wrecking the economy and millions of lives and livelihoods.

The rapid growth of Coronavirus led to overworking the entire nation’s healthcare system and eventually the collapse of the same. Scientists, doctors, and various experts from the Healthcare industry worked tirelessly to come up with concrete HealthTech solutions. Meanwhile, months passed by in lockdown, keeping the nation gripped in uncertainty. State governments tried different methodologies of curbing the contagion, imposing curfews, penalties for breaking rules, creating red, green, and orange zones depending on the infection rate.

As long as the strict curbs lasted, the infection rate dipped. However, this trend was impossible to continue in order to save the economy from crashing. Headlines in various newspapers read, “Coronavirus is now a part of life, we have to learn to live with it”. The situation turned out to be such that an individual either had to choose to succumb to the pandemic or the economy.

As soon as experts thought they found a solution to the virus, it mutated into more lethal genome sequences preventing the production of a permanent solution. This variation and multiple attempts to get back to normalcy gave birth to the second wave and then the third wave in many other countries.

Vaccination Drive in India

The vaccination drive in India started exactly a year after the onset of the pandemic, in January 2021. Like the mutations of the virus, there are multiple choices in vaccination (Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik, Pfizer) and mutations in the vaccination rules and regulations as well. The vaccination drive brought a ray of hope to India’s humongous population. As of 2nd September 2021, India has vaccinated 67 crore people of which 15 crore people are fully vaccinated; that makes up 11% of the population. The country has done great so far considering its population but we have yet to make the whole country a safer place for all.


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