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The year that changed the world !
OCareNeo | 27th April, 2021

The gruesome effects of Covid 19 are going to leave a lasting impression on the years to come. It’s been a year of health scares and more. We have seen communities and companies giving it all that they got to find the silver lining through this stubborn change. Humanity as a whole has done what it does best ‘it fights for survival and it adapts’!

Hear Mr. Swarup Choudhury, Co founder of OCareNeo talk about the effect of the pandemic on the healthcare industry and how it has affected our everyday life.

Mr. Rajiv Madane On Experts Speak !
OCareNeo | 15th May, 2021

Watch Mr. Rajiv Madane, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific at Covr Security speak about his predictions in the payments space, the impact of the pandemic on the adoption of technology and innovation in the payments and healthcare space only on Experts Speak with Mr. Swarup Choudhury.

Mr. Prem Kumar Seshadri on Experts Speak !
OCareNeo | 10th Jun, 2021

Please welcome Mr. Prem Kumar Seshadri, the managing partner & chief mentor at Persayprem Business Designs (a boutique transformation consulting company), talking about the digital transformation and innovation in the payments & healthcare space with Mr. Swarup Choudhary only on Experts Speak.

OCareNeo | Healthcare | 27th April, 2021
Indians in 2030 will have less saving than in 2020.
The hindsight induced by the coronavirus pandemic has been a much-needed eye-opener for the country. The honest truth is that our lenient perception of healthcare has cost us more than money, Read More
OCareNeo | Banking | 30th April, 2021
Medical expenses send millions of people into extreme poverty.
The world is seeing a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that is causing untold human pain and mortality, tearing apart social bonds, and stripping people of their livelihoods and countries of their wealth. Read More
OCareNeo | Banking | 07th May, 2021
The serious financial implications of medical emergencies.
As of April 26th, 2021 there are approximately 2,000 people dying each day in India due to Covid. To say the healthcare system is in a crisis is an understatement. But as we zoom in our focus to a macroeconomic perspective we observe that along with a health care crisis, we have widened the gaps of a financial crisis. Read More
OCareNeo | Finance | 09th June, 2021
Four ways to plan your health care expenses.
Money may not be everything but your overall wellbeing is highly dependent on your financial health. Financial security safeguards your future and acts as a safety net during any unforeseen circumstances. Although most of us may agree on this, the stats say otherwise, it is observed that nearly 50% of the Indian population just save about 0%-20% of their income, which can be quite low for long-term savings and future exigencies. Read More
OCareNeo | Healthcare | 29th September, 2021
Emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak in India
January 2020 marked the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak in India. The virus, however microscopic in nature, was successful in wrecking the economy and millions of lives and livelihoods. Read More
OCareNeo | Healthcare | 12th October, 2021
Carry your medical records in your pocket; digitally.
Gone are the days where you just visit a doctor and return with a pile of reports. Whether you go to a radiologist to get yourself checked or a pharmacy to buy medicines, tons of papers will always follow you. Read More
OCareNeo | Healthcare | 28th October, 2021
A guide to keeping mental health in check in the digital era !
Have you ever set out an hour before your workday worrying about what time to get up in the morning? Have you ever been stressed because there was no day when you could feel like you got enough sleep? Read More
OCareNeo | Banking | 8th November, 2021
Tired of finding and carrying stacks of files for a doctor’s visit?
Oops! Lost some reports meanwhile? Stopping at the ATM to withdraw cash on the way to the hospital has become a routine? Not anymore. The world is changing and so is our healthcare ecosystem in more ways than just online payment and it is here to grow. Read More
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